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Jenna has spent over a decade in the dog behavior and training profession, so she knows the best way to see sustainable results in our canine companions is through positive, force-free methods that are enjoyable for dogs and people. Jenna uses the combination of researched evidence and extensive practical experience to create individualized learning plans that accommodate both the individual dog’s personality and strengths as well as the owner’s goals and learning preferences.


Jenna is passionate about equipping pet parents with the tools necessary to read their dog’s internal emotions through the external actions and choices their dog displays. She calls this, “Listening with your eyes.” When owners understand how their dog is feeling, and how their emotions are instigating their actions, this helps pet parents communicate more effectively with their dog. 


Jenna has an education through Karen Pryor Academy Professional Dog Training Program; takes continuing education courses with world re-known behaviorists like Michael Shikashio, Ken McCort, Jean Donaldson, and Dr. Ian Dunbar; and stays current on developing research in canine cognition through scholastic journals, books, and webinars. She is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and practical exercises the association’s LIMA - Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive standard. 

Jenna’s personal favorite step in a dog’s learning process is the “ask questions” phase, in which the dog thinks he knows what the desired behavior is but wants to try a couple of different ways to offer the behavior just to see exactly what is getting him the reward. She points out to her clients the moments that the dog is being creative and trying different ways of doing a single behavior so that the owner can appreciate how smart their dog truly is.

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