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Dog Walker in Carlsbad


You have likely seen pack dogs walking around Carlsbad.
Do you know how beneficial these pack walks can be?
How is it possible to walk a herd of dogs and have them behave themselves?

In OC Pup Scouts Carlsbad, your dog will be reintroduced to his natural environment as a pack animal by following the guiding principles of our team.

Being a member of The Pack is an experience like no other! There is a calming effect, assertive energy, and it allows your dog to settle in wherever they feel comfortable.
As one, we flow and move like the tide.
Once your dog is confident, old behaviors such as stress, excessive energy, and fear disappear.
Your dog can now experience social interactions and new skills with trust, pleasure, and ease as a result of its newfound confidence.

How It Works

Our Dog Teachers are more than just dog walkers. They care about your dog's physical and mental wellbeing.
Taking your dog on a pack walk is far more beneficial than taking him for a walk in your neighborhood. Pack walks are a good way to exercise your dog and also teach it new skills.
Rest assured that your furry companion will love hanging out with fellow furry friends and they will want to come back for more!


Dog walking

Through our pack walking program, your dog will experience fun, structured, outdoor adventures with our trained dog handlers!


Obedience Training

A positive training style with no nonsense behavioral strategies to help you LOVE your relationship with your dog!


Overnight Care

Your pup will spend their days pack walking and nights being cared for at your home or at the home of one of our pack leaders. Only available for recurring pack walking clients.

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