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Dog Walking Services in Irvine


We offer dog walking services in Irvine. We have dog walkers that can check on your dog while you are at work or on vacation, dog sitters that can look after them when you go out of town, and home dog boarding for dogs who love to stay at home.

You don't need to put a fence in your yard or leave them outside all day if you have an active dog. They will always get the attention they want from our dog walkers. Our animal care experts will take your dog around Irvine, whether it is just one block away to meet other dogs or around the whole city! Don't forget we also provide cat visits too!

At OC Pup Scouts, we know that your dog is like one of your family members. They are special to you, and only well-trained dog walkers will handle them with care. We take pride in knowing that our dog walking services can help keep dogs healthy and happy, which makes dog owners happy too!

Dog walking in Irvine is a great way to get your dog to exercise and socialize every day, but it can be costly when you have multiple dogs in the household. We recommend dog walking in groups because this will help save dog owners money while still providing dog walking services that dogs love.

We are open seven days a week, and dog walkers can be ready to take your dog on their daily routine any day of the week! Contact us for more information about dog walking in Irvine.


Dog walking

Through our pack walking program, your dog will experience fun, structured, outdoor adventures with our trained dog handlers!


Obedience Training

A positive training style with no nonsense behavioral strategies to help you LOVE your relationship with your dog!


Overnight Care

Your pup will spend their days pack walking and nights being cared for at your home or at the home of one of our pack leaders. Only available for recurring pack walking clients.

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