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Dog Walker in Laguna Niguel


OC Pup Scouts dog walkers in Laguna Niguel will be able to provide your pup with much-needed exercise and stimulation. You have been taking good care of your pup's physical needs, but have you been providing them with mental stimulation? You can't keep them cooped up in the house all day; they need to burn off some energy! OC Pup Scouts dog walkers in Laguna Niguel can help you with that.

Laguna Niguel is a beautiful city on the Southern California coast, and it has some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the region. Whether your pup likes to go off-leash or would rather stay close by while exploring new territory, we will take them out for some fresh air and exercise.
They will be tired and happy after a day spent exploring the trails. If they have been good, you can reward them with their favorite treat or toy!

Training at OC Pup Scouts Laguna Niguel

Dog walkers in Laguna Niguel from OC Pup Scouts can also help you teach your pup some new tricks! With our obedience training, your puppy will learn how to sit, lay down and stay on command. Plus, we offer enrichment training for pups that like to work their brains as much as their bodies.

Having a dog walker come to the house to train your pup twice a week is enough to show progress; three times per week is even better! You can also bring your dog to our training center in Laguna Niguel for group classes.

You will both have fun while learning something new!


Dog walking

Through our pack walking program, your dog will experience fun, structured, outdoor adventures with our trained dog handlers!


Obedience Training

A positive training style with no nonsense behavioral strategies to help you LOVE your relationship with your dog!


Overnight Care

Your pup will spend their days pack walking and nights being cared for at your home or at the home of one of our pack leaders. Only available for recurring pack walking clients.

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