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San Clemente: Pack Dog Walking


Not everyone has time to walk their dog, so what do you do when you can't take your dog outside for a nice long walk in the California sun? That's where our services come in!

The OC Pup Scouts is a dog walking service in San Clemente that offers professional dog walking at an affordable price. We're dedicated to giving your pup all the attention they deserve when you can't be home with them.

Whether it's taking your dog out before work or coming by for an evening stroll around sunset, we'll make sure your furry friend gets some exercise. Unlike dog daycare that is only open in the mornings, dog walking in San Clemente can happen all day long.

At OC Pup Scouts, we offer dog walking in San Clemente during normal business hours. We give dog owners a break by taking their furry friends out for a daily walk and exercise session. If your dog is like most of our client's pets, he's probably looking forward to this as much as you are.

Not only do we ensure that dogs get the exercise they need, but we provide companionship and socialization for all dog breeds.

If you are looking for dog walkers in San Clemente, look no further. We are happy to help!


Dog walking

Through our pack walking program, your dog will experience fun, structured, outdoor adventures with our trained dog handlers!


Obedience Training

A positive training style with no nonsense behavioral strategies to help you LOVE your relationship with your dog!


Overnight Care

Your pup will spend their days pack walking and nights being cared for at your home or at the home of one of our pack leaders. Only available for recurring pack walking clients.

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