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1016 W Balboa Blvd 

Newport Beach, CA 92661



We know what you're thinking..."MY DOG COULD NEVER DO THAT!"

We are confident that YOUR DOG CAN BE A PUP SCOUT ​and a pet you can be proud of!

By joining OC Pup Scouts, your dog will be reintroduced to its natural environment as a pack animal! Our experienced dog walkers use their calm and assertive energy to help each dog find their place in the pack, wherever they feel comfortable based on their personality. The pack leader maintains balance of the pack, and the dogs trust us to lead the way!


Whether your dog is shy, anxious, socially awkward, or overly excitable, there is a place for them in our pack and they will benefit greatly from our program! We love to help create positive change in each dog, and your dog will be proud to show off the walking and obedience skills that they've learned from OC Pup Scouts at home with you!