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1016 W Balboa Blvd 

Newport Beach, CA 92661



Your dog's day will begin with when they are picked up directly from your home! Throughout the day, YOUR DOG WILL ENJOY MULTIPLE ADVENTURES through some of our favorite hiking trails WHILE LEARNING FROM GROUP OBEDIENCE EXERCISES.


Your dog can join us for just one hour of fun, a half day (4+ hours), or a full day (6-7 hours), depending on their age, energy level, and stamina. We will always make sure that your dog is in the best program to suit their needs.

Dogs joining us for a half or full day will enjoy downtime in the van between hikes, while other dogs are picked up and dropped off, allowing them to relax in the A/C, drink some water, and snuggle with their friends!

Our pack leaders will keep you updated with messages and pictures throughout the day so that you will never feel too far away from your pup. Your dog is guaranteed to come home with a smile on!