Community Partners + Pup Scouts Favs

Last month, we collaborated with some of our favorite local small businesses and pup brands. We did an epic 6th birthday celebration and did a virtual 6 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS on our Instagram and it was so awesome to see what can be accomplished when we all band together and support one another. Truly, a "power in numbers" kind of a moment.

Seeing the strength of this left me super inspired... so I thought, hey, why not share it with you?! Hopefully our blog posts thus far have been a great resource for you whether finding a cute recipe to make for your dog or finding a great tip on leash training at home. As we bring more content to you, a big goal for us is to build community and highlight other small businesses who we love and support. Hopefully, this provides our pup community of an example of fostering community over competition. And plus, it's just fun to share how cool our community partners are! So here we go, a breakdown of our Community Partners and our Pup Scouts Favs!

Side note - because you and I are friends - I tried to make it easier and separated these businesses into categories. That way, you can refer back to this list if you need something for your pup and are like "hmmm... where should I shop" or if you have some pay day money to splurg with and you wanna treat yo self, you can use this guide as inspo! Hope that helps! (My mind thinks in lists, so it was way easier keep things organized like this... and I'm sure I'm not the only list-lover out there #canyourelate.)


1. NATURE'S SELECT PET FOOD - Nature's Select Pet Food has been in business since 1994, so they definitely know what's up when it comes to food for your pup! (Fun Fact: Our treat bag "business cards" that our Pack Leaders hand out if they meet someone on a pack walk are full of Nature's Select Treats... yup! That's how much we love them!)

OUR PUP SCOUTS FAV has got to be their Select Classic Nutrition Recipe. Not only is it their top selling product, but it can also be fed to all breeds and dogs of all life stages. We love the versatility in this recipe as it helps take the guess work out of the question "is this the right food choice for my pup?".