Living Mindfully With Your Dog

Lindsey from OC Pup Scouts here! Last month, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we featured an Instagram Stories takeover with Mental Health Advocate, Rachel Yaffe. Rachel shared her top tips for living mindfully as a dog mom and pup parent. You go can to our Instagram Highlights under "Health+Dogs" to see some easy daily practices to living mindfully and how you can integrate your dog into these exercises.

Not only was I so inspired by Rachel's personal story, her tips definitely helped me to be more intentional with my time with my pups and I remind myself to implement what she has shared throughout my day.

With the busy summer season approaching (or maybe it's already in full swing for you), I think now is the perfect time to take a step back and evaluate how we are going to continue to make time to connect with our fur babies. I'm not talking about going on a road trip with them, bringing them to the dog beach or on an outdoor adventure. I'm talking about the little moments away from everything, when you're going on your routine walk around the block, waking up, going to bed, or even sitting on the couch scrolling through Instagram. These are the moments that are full of potential for connection with your dog rather than being preoccupied with everything else in life. And these are the moments that Rachel reminds us about below.

So while she shared a little sneak peek of these topics on our social media, we wanted to take a deeper dive with Rachel on ways to live mindfully with your dog. Enjoy this blog write up from her. We hope that it inspires you to reevaluate the small moments where you can live in the present and not only improve your mental health but also your relationship with your pup.

Take it away, Rachel...


Hi, I am Rachel Yaffe! I am a holistic healing advocate, lifestyle blogger, and transformation mentor. After four years of fighting a rare cancer diagnosis, I took my health into my own hands. As I found gratitude and acceptance in my chronic cancer diagnosis, I committed myself to heal from the inside out. My continuing journey of physical, mental, and spiritual transformation has inspired me to share my knowledge and gratitude with others. My mission is to show others how to fall in love with life, just as I have.

I partner with and collaborate with brands that support my mission. I also mentor individuals through their self-transformation.