Paddle With Pups - Event Recap

This past weekend, we spent the morning out at Dana Point Harbor SUP-ing and kayaking! 26 humans and 16 dogs met up with us at Pure Watersports in Dana Point Harbor to enjoy a beautiful day out on the water. The weather was perfect, the pups looked totally cute in their life vests and it was awesome to come together for some outdoor fun! We wanted to share an event recap complete with photos and highlights from the day. For those of you who attended, hopefully this helps you relive the fun from that day. And those who didn't, we hope this inspires you to join us next time we get together!



If you've never tried SUP (short for Stand Up Paddleboarding) it's exactly what it sounds like (standing up and paddling through the water on a board). If you're not good with balance, it's could be a bit tricky to get the hang of. So adding a pup to the mix of balancing on a board definitely makes things interesting!

The best way to start SUP-ing with a pup is to start sitting down as you paddle with your pup in front of you - similar to if you were in a canoe or kayak. As you progress in your skill, you can then paddle on your knees and eventually standing.

Check out our owner Michael with his pup, Camden, showing us how it's done!

There was definitely a mix of our event attendees trying SUP-ing while others chose to do some single and tandem kayaks. Overall, everyone did amazing and for a lot of people it was their first time trying both activities... so kuddos for getting out there and trying new things!

Taking photos turned out to be pretty tricky because once everyone was in the water, they were paddling away. So I definitely had to improvise to get some good photos, get in a kayak and paddle out to take all of these photos. I'm so happy we were able to capture these memories for everyone and I was totally gushing over how cute all the pups were out on their boards!

SCROLL THROUGH these photos of everyone in action:



Obviously seeing everyone with their pups out on the water was a huge event highlight! As a I said before, for a lot of attendees, it was the first time ever trying this with their dogs. So it was just so cool to see everyone make memories with their doggos.